Frequently Asked Questions

It’s normal to have questions as you’re looking to sell your home. You want to trust the right company and ensure you’re working with honest people. We buy houses in Albuquerque and help homeowners in the state of New Mexico. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions here. Please feel free to contact us if your question is not listed here.

Q: Can I Trust You With My House?

A: Trust is an important factor. We understand your concerns. Our team has worked in New Mexico since 2016 and is proudly an accredited business with an A+ rating. We love providing solutions to challenging situations for homeowners in Albuquerque. Our team helps you transition to the next chapter. Whether you’re looking to downsize, need to find a better community, or want to tap into your home’s equity…we can help. And you don’t have to take our word for this. Take a look at our testimonials and give us a call at [phone]. There is no obligation to work with us. You can always request a free consultation or a quote and decide if working with us is the right option.

Q: Which areas do you serve?
A: We service the Albuquerque metro from Placitas to the South Valley and the Westside to the Foothills. Basically, we buy houses in all parts of Albuquerque, NM. You can rely on us for a reliable and safe transaction. We also service the ABQ area if you’re looking to buy. Many of our clients are looking to sell and buy simultaneously…and we’re happy to provide both services to our clients.

Q: Do You List on the MLS or Buy Directly?
A: We buy houses in Albuquerque and also help you list on the MLS. The answer is that we provide both options; it depends on what you want from our services. Some people benefit by choosing a quick sale. They prefer convenience over the listing process and choose a cash offer. You can also choose to list your home on the MLS for the top dollar. It all depends on your unique circumstances. We can buy your home right now for a fair cash price. Or we can list your property for top dollar on the MLS. That allows you to use our extensive network and marketing experience.

Q: Do You Pay Fair Prices for Properties?
A: Yes! We always create a win-win situation if you choose to sell your house fast in ABQ. We buy houses in as-is condition, requiring no updates from homeowners. That means we invest significant time and money into renovating those properties. By the time we resell the house, we have already spent thousands on renovation and holding costs. Given the risk and investment of (time and money), we can’t pay the retail price for your property. Our offer will likely be less than the market value. We would be happy to pay a market-value price if your home is in a top-notch condition and doesn’t require repairs.

However, in our experience, our clients are looking for a hassle-free transaction. The money is important, but they want peace of mind and a quick closing. Our cash offer program would be ideal if you want convenience and a timely closing. No effort or expense is required on your part, and everything happens on your schedule with your consent.

Q: How Much Is My House Worth? How Do You Calculate the Price?
A: We have a transparent offer calculation process at Heritage Home Solutions LLC. We can review the calculation with you to help you understand the price. If you want to sell your house fast, we will do a competitive analysis for your property. Our team will research comparable homes in your neighborhood to determine:

The type of repairs required to sell your home

The selling price of similar properties

The time and cost of those repairs

We also need to review any title/lien issues with your property. We buy houses in all situations like foreclosure, probate, title issues, and code violations. We also need to look at the legal cost of obtaining permits or negotiating with your lender. After looking at the situation, your property, and the competitive analysis, we can offer you a cash price. After considering our costs and minimum profit, we try to offer the highest value cash. Our goal here is to create a win-win situation and ensure that you’re happy with the entire transaction.

Q: Are there Any Fees or Commissions to Work with You?
A: There are no fees or commissions if you sell your house fast to Heritage Home Solutions. We have a listing fee if you choose to list your home on the MLS.

Q: How is a Real Estate Broker Different from a House Buyer?
A: Real estate brokers market your property and bring interested buyers. The broker will assist you with the selling price while charging a fee for their expertise. A house buyer is actually buying the property. They present you with a direct cash price and don’t charge commissions or fees. The buyer earns a profit after buying, repairing, and reselling their investment properties.

At Heritage Home Solutions LLC, we offer both services. Real estate agents cannot help distressed homeowners. You can’t list your home on the MLS if you’re facing foreclosure and need an exit strategy. However, a cash buyer can step in and resolve the situation immediately. Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to sell a new property to a cash buyer because you want to sell for the maximum profit. We invite you for a free consultation, and let’s discuss the best way to sell your house fast in Albuquerque.

Q: How Do I Submit My Information? Is there any Obligation?
A: We love helping homeowners with market-focused expertise and knowledge. It’s tough to receive accurate information during challenging circumstances like foreclosure, divorce, probate, and title issues. Our team can review your situation and suggest the right strategy. There is no cost for that. You don’t have to sign an agreement. You do need to contact us for a short consultation. We can help you explore your options to find the right solution. And we protect your privacy like our own. You can take the necessary information and decide if you would like to sell your house or not. It’s 100% your decision. We’re waiting for you to give us a chance and hopefully, we can help you find a better solution.


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