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We are not your typical real estate firm. We are a locally owned and full-service real estate solution company. We have the ability to help any residential property owner sell their property. How you want to sell it is up to you, but no matter which way you choose we have the capacity to assist you. We can be a traditional Realtor® by listing and marketing your property for sale on the MLS and find you a buyer. Or, we can be the buyer. When the situation aligns for both you and us, instead of signing a listing agreement with us, you can just sign a purchase agreement and begin the road to the closing table right away.

One question we get asked a lot is, “so can you just list my house for sale for me and help me get it sold?” Absolutely YES! We love to list properties for sale and help walk sellers through the daunting maze that is the closing process. And not only do we love it, if we don’t say so ourselves, we are really good at it too.

Another question we get asked a lot is, “so are you one of those ugly house buying companies”. The answer is yes and no. Yes, we buy ugly houses. But we also buy pretty houses, old houses, new houses, occupied houses, vacant houses, and so much more. The house is only one part of the equation. Sometimes it’s the house that is in destress and needs help, and sometimes it’s the property owner that needs help. Every situation is unique and we do not advertise or practice a one-size fits all mantra. Until you get to know somebody and THEIR situation, you can’t know what the right solution is going to be.


At Heritage Home Solutions, LLC we have core values and beliefs that we know if we follow, we will always be able to sleep at night knowing we are doing the right thing by our clients. It is these core values that we have built the foundation of our company on and because of that we will absolutely not bend or negotiate on these.

We operate in the belief that we would rather share too much information rather than not enough. We would rather lose out on business because we showed a client information that ultimately made them decide they had a better option available to them than what we could offer.

We are committed to be honest at every turn. As soon as honesty comes into question, trust is lost, and transactions will always become more difficult. If we ever believe the client is concerned about our honesty (or we are concerned about the client’s honesty), we will stop the transaction immediately to discuss what may have caused the concern and we will not proceed until we are all comfortable that one another is being fully honest.

When working with clients whether we are helping them sell their property or we are buying their property, we understand the process involves us developing a unique relationship. Depending on the specific situation, the client may have to divulge financial situations, personal relationships, personal information, or personal feelings. We take all of this very seriously and commit to every client that any piece of information they share with us is 100% confidential and will never be shared with anyone outside of the transaction.

We Buy Houses in the Albuquerque Metro As-Is and Pay All Closing Costs!
Get an as-is offer in 2 business days or less!

Do you need to sell your property on your terms or your timeline? Does your property need maintenance or repairs beyond what you can or are willing to do? Have you inherited an unwanted property and need to get it sold immediately? Are you more concerned about convenience than the bottom line? If you answered yes to any of these and are ready to hit the EASY button, we are ready to buy your house. When we buy houses, we always buy as-is where-is, do not ask you to do any repairs (in fact we prefer that you don’t), we will pay for all of the closing costs, charge no Realtor® commissions, and walk you through the closing process every step of the way with a local reputable title company.


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